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Ballet Dress Code

Hair must always be pinned back and up.

Ballet skirts are optional for students in Kinderballet through Beginning Ballet.


  • Kinderballet-Basic 2 Ballet : light pink leotard, light pink tights

  • Intermediate: maroon/burgundy leotard, light pink tights

  • Prepointe-Perfection III : black leotard, light pink tights

  • Boys/Men must wear sweat/jazz pants (black is preferred), a t-shirt, and black ballet shoes.

Kinder Ballet Ages 3-4

Tuesday 4pm with Allison

Wednesday 5pm with Abby

Friday 4pm with Jill

Saturday 9am with Daisy

Saturday 12pm with Avery

Pre-Combo (Ballet, Jazz) Ages 5-6

Saturday 12pm with Ella

Pre-Combo (Ballet, Hip Hop) Ages 5-6

Monday 4pm with Anna

Pre-Ballet Age 5

Tuesday 5pm with Allison

Wednesday 4pm with Jill

Friday 5pm with Cori

Saturday 10am with Daisy

Beginning Ballet Age 6

Monday 4pm with Abigail

Tuesday 4pm with Cori

Thursday 4pm with Allison

Saturday 11am with Daisy

Basic 1 Ballet

Monday 6pm with Ida

Thursday 4pm with Cori

Saturday 10am with Olivia

Basic 2 Ballet

Monday 6pm with Abigail

Thursday 6pm with Allison

Friday 6pm with Cori

Saturday 9am with Olivia

Intermediate 1 Ballet

Monday 5pm with Ida

Tuesday 4pm with Ida

Friday 4pm with Cori

Saturday 11am with Olivia

Intermediate 2 Ballet

Monday 7pm with Ida

Thursday 5pm with Cori

Prepointe 1

Monday 8pm with Ida

Saturday 12pm with Olivia

Prepointe 1/Prepointe 2

Tuesday 5pm with Ida

Prepointe 2

Wednesday 8pm with Elizabeth

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Advanced Ballet

Tuesday 5pm with Cori

Basic Pointe

Tuesday 6pm with Cori

Perfection 1 Ballet

Wednesday 6pm with Olivia

Intermediate Pointe

Wednesday 7:30pm with Olivia

Perfection 2 Ballet

Wednesday 5:30pm with Elizabeth

Advanced Pointe

Wednesday 7pm with Elizabeth

Perfection 3 Ballet

Saturday 9:30am with Sarah

Perfection Pointe

Saturday 11am with Sarah

Pas De Deux


Ballet Technique

Friday 5pm with Lawrence

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