The hip hop production is a themed group dance piece that will be performed at June Show. It is a combination of 6 classes that will dance various dances and songs. The production piece this year will start with a group introduction dance, followed by separate class dances, combo classes, and a group finale. Students will start learning production choreography around term 2 and 3 and will continue to learn choreography until the final term. Most of the dances are no longer than 2 minutes, however the students will be constantly learning and building dances weekly. 


The hip hop production is not your average recital piece, it is a longer dance performance that will be anywhere from 10-15 minutes long. The amount of students participating in the production piece usually range from 45-60 children. It is a process that takes the whole school year to choreograph and perfect. It requires hard work and dedication from everyone. It is best when all students are present in class and rehearsals consistently in order to provide effective teaching, directing, and learning. Please understand the importance of creating this production and how every student plays an important role to create this piece. 


 In order to make the production piece successful, there are added practices called production rehearsals (families will not be charged extra). These rehearsals are extremely important as your children will be learning new choreography as a group that they will not be learning in class. Students (including student teachers and student assistants) can only miss 2 rehearsals in which they will be excused for with an email provided from their parent ahead of time. Anyone that has 3 or more missed rehearsals, will be taken out of a group section. Unless there is an emergency, there will be no exceptions this year. The production exceeds the maximum time limit for each class, and the extra time is a generous bonus given to each student. The extra time is not required by the studio for all students to be in, however everyone should be performing in the entire piece. 

In the past we have rehearsed only on Saturdays, but found that they can sometimes conflict with dance team hours. This year there will be 6 production rehearsals. These will be held on Fridays and Saturdays. The time on Fridays will be from 7-9pm, and the time on Saturdays will vary between 4-7pm. All parents will be notified of these rehearsals through handouts and emails the week prior of the rehearsal. Parents must make sure to check all emails in case of schedule changes, time changes, and other important updates. These times does not conflict with Friday classes, holidays, other recitals, or dance team shows.


Below are the rehearsal rules, as well as dates and times for production rehearsals. Parents please write these dates and times down, and notify me ahead of time of any conflicts to properly plan and adjust for rehearsals.


• CELL PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED DURING REHEARSALS, OR CELL PHONE CHARGING! THIS INCLUDES STUDENT TEACHERS AND STUDENT ASSISTANTS!! Please store all cell phones away and do not use them until your rehearsal is over. No exceptions!


• Please refrain from talking while others are dancing and throughout the rehearsal.


• Student teachers, student assistants, and students are to arrive on time for each rehearsal. There will be important information and cues given promptly at the start of rehearsal. If students are late, it will be their responsibility to obtain any missed information or choreography after the rehearsal is over.


• Student teachers, student assistants, and students may NOT leave early unless an email is sent by their parent ahead of time, not the day of. Without a prior email, leaving early will also be considered as an unexcused absence. 


• Student teachers, student assistants and students will only be allowed 2 excused absences. Everyone will only be excused if given prior notice by their parent. Any last minute calls, texts, or emails will not be considered excused. In the case of an emergency, parents must email the instructor at their earliest convenience. 


• Student teachers, student assistants, and students must behave properly during rehearsals and to treat everyone with respect.


• Please DO NOT practice other dances during rehearsals unless it is hip hop production related.


• There will be no food, gum chewing, or soda allowed during rehearsals. Water bottles are permitted.


• Listen to direction and instruction at all times to ensure safety for everyone.


• Dancing full out is expected at all times.


• Student teachers, student assistants, and students should be and are expected to practice at home after classes and

rehearsals to retain all choreography.


• Student teachers, assistant students, and students must have their June Show costume at their final rehearsal at the studio. Parents must pick up their costume on the first costume pick up date (date and time TBA).


Studio Production Rehearsal Dates & Times
Friday, December 15th: 7-9pm
Friday, January 26th: 7-9pm
Friday, March 9th: 7-9pm
Saturday, April 14th: 4-6:30pm
Saturday, May 19th: 4-7pm
Saturday, June 16th: 4-7pm (FULL COSTUMES REQUIRED)