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 2022 Class Schedule

2022-23 Regular Season Starts Monday, August 29th!

LBP's regular season runs for 10 terms, each 4 weeks long, from late August through June.

No classes are held on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the Friday after
or Memorial Day. Classes are cancelled for weather
conditions if Chicago Public Schools cancels classes.

2022-23 Regular Schedule

or call 773-463-3385 to register 

2022-2023 fall schedule w acro.jpg

Artistic Director: Elizabeth Johnson 


Teachers: Tatiana Bahena, Dee Durfee, Emily Evans, Diana Farfan, Stefanie Farfan, Katie Frendreis, Allison Grabarczyk, Laura Johnston, Olivia Karenas, Cori Kolasinski, Shawn Lent, Corrine Loren, Robin Mark, Katie Milne, Sarah O’Keefe, Allison Phalen, Maria Politis Stuart, Lawrence Powell Jr, Daisy Rueda, Mary Shea, Jane Smith

2022-23 Term Schedule & Performance Dates
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