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Online Handbook

Health Policy

Please remain at home if you are experiencing any COVID-19, cold, or flu symptoms or have a positive test or diagnosis of a communicable disease.

Students, instructors, staff, volunteers, and visitors are no longer required to wear a face mask within the studio. These guidelines may be changed to match local and/or CDC guidelines.

Image Capture

Each year families are asked to sign a waiver for photographs and video can be used for internal and external marketing communications. 

For performances, LBP brings in a third party vendor to capture individual portraits, group/class photos, and performance videos. Purchasing these items accrue an additional fee paid directly to the vendor and are completely optional. 


No classes are held on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the Friday after Thanksgiving or Memorial Day.


Classes are cancelled for weather conditions if Chicago Public Schools cancels classes.

Non-profit Status

LBP is a non-profit organization that only charges what is necessary to meet operating expenses. Tuition is calculated on a calendar divided into four-week terms. Tuition is non-refundable. No fees may be transferred or extended or deducted.


Students are automatically reenrolled for the next term unless the desk staff is notified by the student or parent. Each student must pay a $20 registration fee each year. A $10 reentry fee will be assessed for any student who misses a term for nonmedical reasons.

Winter Break

Each year LBP takes a 2 week break from classes. While the dates change annually, they roughly line up with the Chicago Public School's winter break.

No one is attending to the front desk during winter break. It is best to email us. Please forgive us if it takes longer than usual to reply. 

Code of Conduct

Dancers and families alike are asked to review and sign a Code of Conduct annually. The Code of Conduct promotes respect and mature behavior needed for a community environment. 

Our mission is to bring the joy of dance to everyone regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith, socio-economic status, or political alignment. All are welcome at LBP!

Everyone Can Dance!

Heart & Hands_edited.png

As of January 1, 2024, LBP and LBPDC are required to obtain background checks for all adult volunteers who are directly involved with minor dancers. Each prospective volunteer will receive an email link that will route them to Clear Checks, LBP’s background check provider:  The user will be required to fill out the requested information and submit. The process is completely confidential; the only visibility the studio manager will have is a pass or no pass. There is currently no cost to prospective volunteers.



  1. Inform LBP of your intent to volunteer by emailing

  2. LBP enters your email on the Clear Checks website.

  3. Clear Checks sends the prospective volunteer an email and completes the data collection and analysis.

  4. Clear Checks reports the application status and/or results in LBP’s account.

  5. The LBP Business Manager will review results and approve/disapprove each application based on returned results. No other board member, instructor, employee, volunteer, or stakeholder shall see the background check results. A list of approved volunteers will be stored in a password protected file detailing name, basic contact information, and volunteer status expiration date.


If a prospective parent or guardian has valid proof of a recent background check, they may submit that in lieu of Clear Checks. Valid sources include:

  • Chicago Public Schools Level I or Level II Volunteer Status with a valid expiration date that has not expired. Private school background checks.

  • Proof of a passing background check by a federally accredited source as determined by the business manager.


All adult LBP W-2 employed instructors and coaches have completed a higher-level background check during employee onboarding. No volunteer should be interfacing with any minor student on a 1:1 basis without a higher level of background check approval. Volunteering outside of an
event or production still needs an approved background check. Volunteer examples needing a background check:

  • Costume team fittings and work

  • Dressing room volunteers

  • LBPDC prop crew

  • In-studio party volunteers 

These details, rules, and exceptions apply to BOTH LBP School of Dance and Living By Performing Dance Company.

Dress Code

LBP accepts gender-neutral dance attire in our classes and dancers may select which option is most comfortable. Attire should provide proper coverage at all times, including through movement.


For girls: leotard, pink or skin-toned tights, ballet shoes with the drawstrings tucked in, hair secured in a bun if long enough or securely up off the face if too short for a bun, ballet skirt or “booty shorts” are optional but permitted, form-fitting warm-ups are permitted only at the beginning of class, undergarments should not be visible under the uniform.

  • Kinder, Pre-ballet, Beginning Ballet: Pink leotard

  • Basic Ballet: Periwinkle or light blue leotard

  • Intermediate Ballet: Burgundy leotard

  • Pre-pointe and up: Black leotard


For boys: white shirt, black ballet tights with appropriate undergarments, black ballet shoes with the drawstrings tucked in, hair secured up off the face, form-fitting warm-ups are permitted only at the beginning of class.



Dress code is similar to ballet, but with the addition of pointe shoes.  Shoes must be fit by a professional, and any changes in shoe type must be approved by the teacher.  The teacher of Basic Pointe students must approve all new shoes, even of the same type, to ensure fit and safety.  Shoes should be sewn securely, with both elastic and ribbons, for safety and aesthetics.  Students should attempt to sew their own shoes.  Basic Pointe students should expect to use one to two pairs of pointe shoes in a school year.  Intermediate Pointe students should expect to use two to three pairs of pointe shoes in a school year.  Advanced and Perfection students should expect to use four or more pairs of pointe shoes in a school year.  Shoes are expected to be clean and broken in for all performances.


Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary

Leotard or form-fitting shirt, tights or leggings, jazz or ballet shoes, hair secured up off the face, form-fitting warm-ups are permitted only at the beginning of class.


Hip Hop

Clothing that is comfortable to move in that does not obscure the visible lines of the body, designated clean sneakers with non-marking soles (no street shoes), hair secured up off the face.



Clothing that is comfortable to move in that does not obscure the visible lines of the body, tap shoes, hair secured up off the face.  To assist in making the best sound, the quality of tap shoes is expected to increase with level, which will be facilitated by the teacher. 

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