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Ballet and Pointe

Ballet Dress Code

LBP accepts gender-neutral dance attire in our classes and dancers may select which option is most comfortable. Attire should provide proper coverage at all times, including through movement.

For girls: leotard, pink or skin-toned tights, ballet shoes with the drawstrings tucked in, hair secured in a bun if long enough or securely up off the face if too short for a bun, ballet skirt or “booty shorts” are optional but permitted, form-fitting warm-ups are permitted only at the beginning of class, undergarments should not be visible under the uniform.

  • Kinder, Pre-ballet, Beginning Ballet: Pink leotard

  • Basic Ballet: Periwinkle or light blue leotard

  • Intermediate Ballet: Burgundy leotard

  • Pre-pointe and up: Black leotard

(each level listed on this page has a background color to coordinate with the dress code!)


For boys: white shirt, black ballet tights with appropriate undergarments, black ballet shoes with the drawstrings tucked in, hair secured up off the face, form-fitting warm-ups are permitted only at the beginning of class.

From Pre-Ballet through Advanced Ballet levels, students learn a disciplined approach to classical technique including classroom and performance etiquette with a strong focus on developing proper alignment, strength and stamina in a nurturing and fun environment. LBP School of Dance offers ballet classes to children as young as 3 years old all the way up to adult classes. 

Kinder Ballet (3-4 years old)

Tuesday 5pm | Jane

Thursday 5pm | Emily E

Friday 4pm | Campbell

Saturday 9am | Allison P

Saturday 12pm | Rachel

Pre-Ballet (5 years old)

Monday 4pm | Emily P

Tuesday 5pm | Cori

Saturday 10am | Maiah

Pre-Combo (ballet, jazz, hip hop; 5-6 years old)

Saturday 12pm | Mary

Beginning Ballet (6 years old)

Tuesday 4pm | Audrey

Thursday 6pm | Emily E

Friday 5pm | Cori

Saturday 11am | Maiah

Basic 1 Ballet

Tuesday 6pm | Cori

Friday 4pm | Cori

Saturday 10am | Allison P

Basic 2 Ballet

Tuesday 4pm | Cori

Thursday 7pm | Daisy

Saturday 9am | Dee

Intermediate 1 Ballet

Tuesday 7pm | Diana

Thursday 7pm | Cori

Intermediate 2 Ballet

Tuesday 8pm | Diana

Saturday 11 am | Allison P

Pre-Pointe 1 Ballet

Monday 6pm | Allison G

Thursday 8pm | Cori

Pre-Pointe 2 Ballet

Monday 7pm | Allison G

Saturday 12pm | Allison P

Advanced Ballet

Wednesday 4:30pm | Cori

Perfection 1 Ballet

Wednesday 6:30pm | Olivia

Perfection 2 Ballet

Wednesday 6:30pm | Elizabeth

Perfection 3 Ballet

Saturday 9:30am | Sarah

Adult Ballet

Friday 7pm | Dee

Basic Pointe

Wednesday 5:30pm | Elizabeth

Intermediate Pointe

Wednesday 8pm | Olivia

Advanced Pointe

Wednesday 8pm | Elizabeth

Perfection Pointe

Saturday 11am | Sarah

Pas de Deux

Thursday 8pm | Elizabeth

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