Hip Hop

Hip Hop Dress Code

Clothing that is comfortable to move in that does not obscure the visible lines of the body, designated clean sneakers with non-marking soles (no street shoes), hair secured up off the face.

Pre-Combo (ballet, jazz, hip hop; 5-6 years old)

Tuesday 4pm | Anna

Saturday 12pm | Ella

Basic 1 Hip Hop

Monday 4pm | Stefanie

Basic 2 Hip Hop 

Monday 5pm | Stefanie

Intermediate 1 Hip Hop 

Thursday 4pm | Lawrence

Friday 5pm | Lawrence

Intermediate 2 Hip Hop

Thursday 5pm | Lawrence

Advanced 1 Hip Hop

Thursday 7pm | Maria

Advanced 2 Hip Hop

Thursday 8pm | Maria

Perfection 1 Hip Hop

Monday 8pm | Maria

Perfection 2 Hip Hop

Monday 6pm | Maria

Perfection 3 Hip Hop

Monday 7pm | Maria