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Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop Dress Code

Clothing that is comfortable to move in that does not obscure the visible lines of the body, designated clean sneakers with non-marking soles (no street shoes), hair secured up off the face.

Hip Hop dance students will learn fundamental skills and moves that are the hallmark of hip hop. Classes will include across-the-floor and center combinations focusing on enhancing musicality, coordination, footwork and floor work. Dancers will show off their personality and flair with confidence!  

Pre-Combo (ballet, jazz, hip hop; 5-6 years old)

Saturday 12pm | Mary

Basic 1 Hip Hop

Thursday 5pm | Lawrence

Basic 2 Hip Hop 

Monday 4pm | Maria

Intermediate 1 Hip Hop 

Wednesday 4pm | Stefanie

Intermediate 2 Hip Hop

Wednesday 5pm | Stefanie

Advanced 1/2 Hip Hop

Wednesday 6pm | Stefanie

Perfection 1 Hip Hop

Monday 7pm | Maria

Perfection 2 Hip Hop

Monday 8pm | Maria

Perfection 3 Hip Hop

Monday 6pm | Maria

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