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Dressing Room Rules

**Dressing rooms are now peanut and tree nut free**

Parents, please read through these rules with your dancers, to make sure they understand what is expected of them during the productions. These rules are necessary so that rehearsals and productions run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and so that no one gets injured.

When you drop your child off in the dressing room, please inform the monitors if your child has any medical conditions, such as asthma or food allergies. We need a cell phone number from parents whose children have conditions that may require the dressing room monitors to contact you in case of an emergency.

1. The number one rule is to please listen to the dressing room monitors! Especially listen to the monitor that is assigned to your group. During rehearsals and shows, there are a lot of things going on at once, and the monitors are there to help you get ready and to have you where you need to be during all times.

2. Dancers must stay with their group and the assigned monitor. This will make it easier when the dancers need to line up for makeup, for their performance, and for group pictures. In the past, we have had dancers miss their dances, and we’ve had delays in rehearsals while the monitors search for dancers. If you need to leave for a drink of water, a bathroom break, or a snack, let the monitor know before you leave.


3. The dressing room has now been designated peanut and tree nut free. You are not allowed to bring any snacks with peanuts or tree nuts. Only water is allowed in the dressing room. Food can be eaten in the hallway. When eating, a jacket or shirt must be worn over the costume to avoid ruining the costume. Dancers must ask permission of the monitor before leaving the dressing room to eat. If your dance is coming up soon, the monitor will tell you to wait.


4. Dancers are not allowed to wander around the hallways. The only reason to be in the hallways would be to go to the bathroom, line up for makeup, or to eat. Dancers need to return to the dressing room when they are finished with any of these activities. In the past, we have had dancers get injured while running in the hallways and have had dancers get hit by swinging doors as crew members and other dancers pass through the hallways. There is a lot of rushing around during these productions, and extra people in the hallway can interfere with what needs to get done.


5. Dancers must also listen to the stage crew when they are giving instructions. These instructions are to ensure that we put on the best production as possible, as well as to ensure the safety of all involved with the rehearsal/production.


6. Please have your dancer come prepared. Review with your dancer what is required in terms of costume, accessories, and hair for the production. If your dancer is not sure, check with the choreographer of the dance or call the studio (773.463.3385). For the June show, a sheet of paper is usually attached to the costume when you pick it up, indicating if there are accessories (hair pieces, belts, etc) for that particular costume. If a bun is required for your dancer, and you would like some help with this, someone in the dressing room can assist/teach you. Your dancer will need to bring the following:



               Hair gel and/or hairspray


               Bun form (optional)


Please do not to bring valuables into the dressing rooms or backstage for rehearsals or performances. LBP is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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