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Lyrical & 


Lyrical/Contemporary Dress Code

Leotard or form-fitting shirt, tights or leggings, jazz or ballet shoes, hair secured up off the face, form-fitting warm-ups are permitted only at the beginning of class.

Lyrical Dance

Similar to Contemporary, the Lyrical dance classes will focus on blending various dance styles to express emotion and tell a story usually based on lyrics and mood in the music. Lyrical students are given the opportunity to explore creative expression through movement with feeling, style and technique.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance involves blending techniques from all dance styles including ballet, jazz, and hip hop dance. Dancers will have the opportunity to push boundaries, grow artistically and find a new way to move and express themselves.

Lyrical 1

Monday 5pm | Jane

Lyrical 2

Friday 5pm | Olivia

Lyrical 3

Friday 6pm | Olivia

Lyrical 4

Thursday 7pm | Allison G

Contemporary 1

Thursday 8pm | Daisy

Contemporary 2

Thursday 7pm | Robin

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