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Hip Hop Instructor


Maria started her dance training at the age of 4 at the Le Ballet Petit School of Dance. She began with ballet then quickly added jazz, acrobatics, pointe and hip hop to her regimen. She became a Le Ballet Petit staff member at the age of 16 under the direction and guidance of Ida Velez. She has taught and choreographed at the Le Ballet Petit School of Dance since the year 2000. Deciding to pursue her dance training and teaching, she has studied and has taken various dance classes with Ballet Chicago, Non-stop Dance Productions, Rast Ballet & Dance Studio, Joel Hall, and Visceral Dance Center. Continuing her education, Maria has included completing 3 years of dance training and education at Columbia College of Chicago. Having found a strong passion for choreography, she has also choreographed numerous ballet, jazz, and hip hop segments for recitals, private parties and dance teams across Chicago. For the last 6 years she has featured her themed hip hop productions for Le Ballet Petit's June show and The Wilmette Park District for Dance. She currently resides at the Le Ballet Petit School of Dance, where she teaches hip hop and choreographs dances for shows and the Living By Performing dance team. Maria is dedicated to ensure quality training to students of all ages.

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